Identity Theft Protection Companies

There are a large number of companies that provide Identity Protection Services, and it is vital that you choose the one that is going to give you the service you want for the best price. Some of the most popular ones are listed here. Generally speaking, the most comprehensive services are the most expensive, but by clicking the links below, you will get special offers, so you may get just what you need for under $10 per month. Make sure you check out the free trials too.

Company Typical price Services offered Comments Information

LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention - Save 10%
From $10/month

to $15/month

Identity Monitoring and notification including non credit related sources

LifeLock (Basic Services) and

LifeLock Command Centre


One of the leading Identity Theft Protection companies since 2005. LifeLock website for more details

identityguard logo

From $4.99/month

to $17.99/month

ID monitoring and Computer protection





Named “Best in Class” by Javelin (2009 ) and ranked #1 by PC World magazine.

Click Here to Protect your Identity with TrustedID
14 days free

then $10.42/month (individual) – $20/month (family)

IDEssentials™ is “whole identity” approach that combines credit and personal information monitoring in one service.


“Best-in-Class” and “Best-in-Class for Whole-Identity Monitoring” by Javelin Strategy and Research 2010. Free Credit Score plus TrustedID, free for 14 days – Full details.

guarddog logo

From $2.95/month



Essential Protection

Advanced Protection

Premium Protection  and

Superior Protection


Low cost starting plan with a

30 day

money back guarantee

Protect your good name online now! Full details here

When you look at the features of each of these plans, you will find that there are some differences, although they will all provide you with alerts in case anyone makes credit applications in your name. They are also all backed by a $1million service guarantee.

Look through the features of each one carefully and find out which is the best one for you.